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  • Search homes right here:  If you are looking for a home to buy anywhere in the DC Metropolitan area, the search feature on this site will bring you the latest information about homes on the market.  Unlike some of the huge national sites, this one gives you access to the same information the real estate professionals use.

  • Register for the Home Finder  I know!  I totally hate it when I'm asked to give up my contact information just to get on a web site.  Register with your real name and email address if you are comfortable with it. I promise not to send you unsolicited email.  If you need me I'm here, and I'd love it if you decide to ask for my help when you're ready.  In the meantime, if you want to be Daisy Duck in your sign-in information, I understand completely.  Go ahead.

  • First-time buyers are extra special:  Buying your first place can be pretty daunting, even if you are not new to the area.  I've helped many people complete this life milestone, and they come back to me when it's time to move again. 

  • Being a good negotiator is key:  In a past life, I served on teams that negotiated aviation treaties with foreign governments.  So I cut my teeth watching the skilled professionals at the Department of State (and those of some other countries) work out the complexities of which airlines flew where and establishing a less regulated, more competitive air fare structure.  Watching these professionals whittle down the differences between what each side wanted in a trade agreement taught me a lot about resolving differences between buyers and sellers.
  • Learn about the many exciting DC area communities:  Every day, I try to add something new to this site about the different Washington area neightorhoods - either my own content, or links to other sites where you can find great information.

  • Buy Your Home with a professional: My real estate license is older than some of my clients, and over the years, I've gotten to know both the inventory in the Washington area, and what makes various neighborhoods work for people with different needs.  And I know all of the nit-picky stuff about writing offers and maximizing the chances they'll get accepted.

  • Up or down sizing:  If you already own a home that has become either too small or too big, there are special considerations, especially if you need to sell it in order to fund the down payment on your next home. 
  • How much can you afford:  There are two magic numbers you'll need to start your home search, and connecting to a great mortgage lender is the best way to find them.  You can use the mortgage calculator here to figure out how much your monthly payments will be on a payment you are comfortable making every month.  Then there is the amount that the lender is ready to  loan you - usually a significantly higher payment than you would be comfortable making every month.  Whatever you want or are able to spend, getting pre-approved is crucial.

  • Out-of-Country Purchases: I can help you buy property here, even if you're in another country. 

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