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When it's time for you to move, you may already have an agent you know, like and trust.  If not, it will be important to audition several agents to understand how they will get your home sold and for how much.  Here is the information I bring to a listing presentation:

  • A professionally prepared Competitive Market Analysis of your home: It's not about what your neighbor said his home sold for.  It's not about what you need to move to your next home or to fund your retirement.  My carefully prepared Competitive Market Analysis will give you a snapshot of what is happening in your immediate neighborhood right now.  What's for sale?  Which homes have contracts and are waiting to settle:  What has actually sold over the past six months?  For how much?  How do these homes compare to yours?  Establishing a list price that is on the nose is the most important part of the entire home selling process.

  • How will I get your home sold?   My job is to get your home sold in an acceptable time frame for top dollar.  For each prospective client, I put together a marketing plan that is tailored for the specific property.  The basics always include preparing your home - most properties need a little help in the de-cluttering, painting and staging departments.  You have to be ready for prime time.  Then there are the elements of promoting the house with professional photography, written marketing materials, and effective web marketing. 

  • See What's on The Market: You can use the search tool on this site to check out the competition.  Most listings will have photos and some descriptions. 

  • If you fill out the form below:  OK, I get it!  I hate to give up my real name and email address to anyone on the internet.  And if you want to fill out the form below with a fake name and that special email address that you have for possible spammers, that's fine.  If you do tell me who you are, I will repsond to your contact, but this site is a No-Spam Zone!  I won't email you first.

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