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Summer Selling: Maybe Forget About Conserving Energy For A While?

These days, many people are trying to reduce their personal carbon footprints, and either because they want to be green, or they want to reduce their electric bills.  And some of these responsible individuals happen to be clients of mine. But it’s summer in Washington.  It’s really, really hot most...

Kitty Litter? Fabreze? Hard Choice

The only good smell when your home is for sale is no smell at all. ...

Finding Real Estate Love on the Internet

The Internet is a great place to begin your search for houses. But when it comes to finding the agent who will help you through the process, a little low tech is called for....

The Honeymooners In Your Attic: Raccoon Mating Season

In January, a young raccoon's fancy turns to mating. And in many DC neighborhoods that are close to Rock Creek Park, these furry pests squeeze their way into any warm space they can find - often taking up residence in attics....

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