Reading and Listening to the Real Estate News

January 31, 2019

OK, I won’t go so far as to call the real estate reports in the national media as “fake” news.  But most of what you read and hear about your real estate market in the media is based on data that applies to the nation as a whole, and all ...

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Drawing Battle Lines:  Getting Ready for the Spring Bidding Wars?

Traditionally, the Washington area housing market is ­the strongest during the spring market, and depending on the weather, that’s probably March, April, and May.  The chill lifts and trees start to give us blossoms.  The daffodils and tulips come to visit, and the city is at its most beautiful.  This ...

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Your Family Calls Him “Fido”. Your Realtor Calls Him “Fang”.

During my first week of real estate school, one of the first sessions covered how to suck up to the family dog (or cat) to get a listing.  It’s a critical skill for any serious Realtor. But what they didn’t cover – and should have – is how to speak ...

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Real Estate and Politics – Neutralizing Your Home

Here in DC, our residents tend to be quite focused on politics. Many of my clients have worked as reporters, attorneys or lobbyists who are concerned with what Congress, the regulatory agencies and the White House might be doing.  Others work for on the Hill or at the Department of Whatever.  So ...

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Rosh Hashanah

September 17, 2018

On a windy September day in the mid 1960’s, I ran away from home in Topeka, Kansas to New York City. I wanted to study flute with Julius Baker – one of the greatest flute players who ever walked the planet.  I got into Julliard, where he taught and my ...

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What “Pet Friendly” Really Means

  Many of the buyers I’ve helped find new homes are, like me, animal lovers.  And it’s important that they find a place where the furry family member is welcome.  With houses, there usually isn’t an issue, but condos and coops are a very different story. Most condo and coop ...

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