Thank you for checking out HousePat.com. This is a new website for me, and it’s a work in progress, with the goal of creating a place where you can come for information and advice for living in Washington, DC

Washington is our nation’s capital, a place people around the country see on the news every night. There are monuments to presidents, war heroes, and other people who made a huge difference. And it is also a city of neighborhoods with their own unique homes, many with a history. It’s where I work as a matchmaker, putting people and homes together.

So I’ll be adding information on neighborhoods, condo developments, architecture. And I’m putting together links for what you need to know about the amenities that different parts of the city offer, how to find great schools, and navigating the area’s public transportation.

And if you need a Realtor to help you form and realize your vision for how and where you want to live, I hope you’ll contact me for help.

For Sellers: here is a good place to start for help in turning the place you live into buyer bait!

For Buyers: start here for the information you’ll need to create a vision for your new place, and get it without doing anything crazy.

Latest News

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

July 24, 2023

Many of the buyers who have been checking out homes over the last few months are at a point where they have target neighborhoods and a good idea of what they want. But when they find it, a lot of them won’t be ready! It’s those pesky “ducks” that you ...

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Looking for a Condo? There Are So Many Types to Choose Among.

True, the DC Metro area is a little short on inventory, even when it comes to condos. And if you are thinking of moving to condo living, there is a wide range of possibilities. Here are some examples: Townhouse condos: these can be former single family homes, usually urban and ...

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Ahh! Real Estate and Taxes!

Tomorrow is Tax Day 2023. If you own the house or apartment you live in, you will benefit from being able to deduct part of your property taxes and mortgage interest on your tax return. But while this popular deduction will save you money while you own your home, if ...

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Left! Right! Left Right Left!

Usually this is all about real estate, but not today. Everyone who watched the Coronation King Charles and Queen Camilla this weekend has a favorite moment.  Mine? That amazing parade where the new king and queen were carried in a gold coach back to the palace. And the stars of ...

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City Living? Maybe Not for Everyone!

City Living? Maybe Not for Everyone! Many of my clients who are downsizing are making huge changes to the type of home where they will reside. And some are deciding to move from suburban locations to the District, where they can be closer to theaters, restaurants, museums and other fun things ...

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The Dreaded “Kick-Out”  

During the past week, I’ve had some rather disturbing conversations with colleagues around town about the latest kink in our very strange local real estate market. While we’re still seeing a strong sellers’ market, there has been a noticeable uptick in contracts falling apart between the time they are accepted, usually in ...

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