Preparing for Your First Bidding War

You walked in and knew it was “The One”. In your eyes, it was perfect in every way.  This was the house that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, raising your family, hosting holiday celebrations, and creating warm friendships with the new neighbors you saw walking ...

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Your Nose Knows How to Avoid a Bidding War

If you are really serious about finding a house that you can actually buy without doing anything stupid or crazy to get it, just follow your nose.  If you can manage to fall in love with a house that is almost perfect, except that it smells like a wet Labradoodle, ...

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The First Impression that Matters Most

Back in the day, the most important thing you could do to make a great first impression on buyers for your home was to make sure that when they pulled up in front for the first time, your façade and front yard landscaping would make them swoon.  Well, times have changed. ...

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