Hi, I’m a Realtor and would like to come over and set off your burglar alarm!

September 6, 2017

I used to set off burglar alarms on a weekly basis. I had a little phobia, and on more than one occasion, I had to root through my purse for my real estate license when Officer Friendly pulled up in her patrol car and I had to justify being at the scene of what she thought might be a crime.

But since I got a system of my own, I’ve gotten over my phobia and learned to use one.  Yet I continue to set off my share of alarms.

And there is nothing quite like that awful blare and the police to combine and ruin a showing.

Nobody will notice the fresh paint or newly refinished floors.  The beautiful staging job won’t matter because they’ll be running for the nearest door.

So my advice?  Unless you live in a neighborhood where you really need an alarm system (and few of us do), just keep it disarmed when your home is for sale.

And if the place is vacant, you have no excuse!