March Madness Real Estate Game Plan

March 15, 2022


For real estate professionals, March Madness does not involve elite college basketball stars duking it out on the courts. It’s about about our clients duking it out for the privilege of buying a house they love, or even like.

While, during March of 2022, we are seeing a busy winter, spring is typically the peak period in real estate transactions. With all of the flowering trees and bushes around town, not to mention great weather to be out and about looking, new listings fly off the shelf unless they smell like kitty litter and cigarettes or are extraordinarily ugly.  And even the smelly, ugly houses are selling, albeit with smaller bidding wars.

So here’s my advice.

If you are planning to sell a house, I’ve not seen a stronger market than this during my entire 40-year career in real estate. And since my first listings, we have created innovative selling tools – especially  RLAH Restorations, which allows you to hire a pro to transform your home into what I call buyer bait. And to make it even better, you pay for any fix-ups at settlement from the proceeds of your sale.

For buyers, use this time to make yourself a truly competitive buyer. If you plan to pay cash, make sure your funds will be readily accessible. If you plan to get a mortgage, get totally pre-approved by a reputable lender with a physical presence in this area. If you have any credit issues, get them resolved. And if you aren’t sure where you want to live, scout around neighborhoods with homes in your price range. And when your agent explains how tricky the market is right now, she’s not exaggerating. Most buyers lose a bunch of bidding wars before what it takes for them to succeed finally sinks in.

Bottom line? It’s time to fine tune your game plan!

If you are getting ready to buy or sell a home in this busy market, I can help! And I’ll never be too busy to help you, your friends or family members make their next move – and to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  Please contact me at 202-549-5167, and I would be honored to help.