What’s a View Worth?

June 28, 2021

What’s a View Worth? My first condo won me over with a spectacular view of Rock Creek Park and the National Cathedral.  I could look out any window from my top floor unit and see neighborhood dogs chasing frisbees, and the season changes were stunning.  When it finally sold, the view was ...

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Is This a Good Time to Sell my House?

When someone asks a real estate agent if this is a good time to buy or sell a house, the answer is almost always a resounding “Yes!”  That answer is programmed into our brains on our first day of real estate school, and throughout our careers, the Yes is reinforced. Sometimes ...

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You Call That Dump a Penthouse?

When I lived in New York, my apartment could have been the set for the old classic, “Barefoot in the Park”.  It was the top floor of an old brownstone at 46 East 83rd Street, just off Madison Avenue.  The address was very posh.  The apartment was not. I learned ...

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How Not to Beat an All Cash Offer in a Bidding War

Their ads are all over your television screen.  You see buyers swooning all over the house of their dreams.  And then there is a voice in the background telling them how important it is to have their mortgage lined up so they can take on the other buyers (some of whom ...

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Granny’s House Has Three Prices

There is an exciting new option for people who are charged with selling less-than-perfect houses, and a total game changer for anyone with an older home that needs work. RLAH has teamed up with two contractors and a staging company to allow you get professional pre-sale renovations and other preparations.  And ...

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Condo Hunting: If You’d Like to Have a Dog

A lot of my business is working with people who are buying condo or cooperative apartments.  Some are renting, and others are planning to downsize from a house that’s grown too big.  And they often have something in common: they love dogs! And what’s not to love!  Well, maybe not the chewing socks ...

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