A First-Timer’s Guide to Buyer’s Remorse

June 28, 2021

During the first week of real estate school, instructors bring up a serious affliction that grabs virtually everyone who buys or tries to buy a house or condo. It even has a name: Buyer’s Remorse.  And almost everyone gets it at some point in any real estate transaction. And it’s ...

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Buyers’ Expanding Wish Lists

Over the last few months, a lot of buyers upped the ante on the number of bedrooms they wanted in their new homes.  And this go around, it’s not about expanding families, but about creating home offices. For a great home office, you might need some extra space, but it ...

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National News Coverage of Real Estate?  Can It Tell You Anything Useful?

A lot of my news feeds are from places like Inman News and RISMedia, news services that are specific to real estate.  The information about market trends is very different that what I hear on any of the network news services in one very important respect. The national news networks ...

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When Your Buyers Want Out

You put your home on the market looking like high powered buyer bait, and you were lucky enough to get several good offers.  You chose the one with what you thought had the best price, best terms and least risk of falling apart. Then you got the call from your ...

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Rabbit Holes

Rabbit Holes Since I left Kansas in my teens, I’ve been a Francophile.  And most of my life, I’ve wanted to live in Paris, or at least someplace in France.  And once I got completely hooked on Martin Walker’s murder mystery series, Bruno, Chief of Police, the someplace in France became the Perigord, ...

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Noisy Neighbors!

People who are considering a home in the DC Metro area have many types of properties from which to choose, and in the city, most of them involve living in pretty close quarters with your neighbors.  And high density living can also mean high decibels. A lot of our housing stock ...

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