March Madness Real Estate Game Plan

March 15, 2022

For real estate professionals, March Madness does not involve elite college basketball stars duking it out on the courts. It’s about about our clients duking it out for the privilege of buying a house they love, or even like. While, during March of 2022, we are seeing a busy winter, ...

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Does Making An Offer Have To Be Stressful?

No doubt about it. Most shrinks put a normal real estate transaction right up there with death, divorce or losing a really great job when it comes to stress triggers. But while home buying is normally stressful, does it really have to be all that bad? Well, there is stress, ...

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March Madness

There are two kinds of March Madness.  One plays out on college basketball courts around the country. The other is seen in neighborhoods and condo buildings around the country.  What does the real estate version look like in the Washington Metro area? Fabulous if you are a seller! In DC ...

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Bidding Wars: Do We Need New Rules of Engagement?

Bidding wars, or the way we wage them in Washington area real estate, may not be the best way to get the most attractive offers in front of our home sellers, and they often set up transaction-threatening issues for buyers that show up on the way to settlement. Buyers and ...

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How Seasonal Slowdowns Work in Real Estate

December 6, 2021

My home is in a residential area near downtown Washington where houses have been flying off the shelf at outrageous prices for over a year now.  Now all of a sudden, there is inventory in my neighborhood that is sitting for weeks, even months in a some cases, without attracting ...

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The Real Estate Market Might Be Slowing Down Someplace!

Every day, I get feeds from real estate news services that talk about the real estate market, and many of the stories tell me it’s slowing down. Yeah, right!  Maybe in Nebraska? Even though much of the market here is quite robust, there are still opportunities for buyers in popular DC ...

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